All Sangha, All Day practice day

Sunday, Aug 19
Vista Outdoor Learning Center, Klondike Hwy
(Map Location of Vista Outdoor Learning Center

Bring your cushion and any practice materials, reading, yoga mat, bag lunch
and drinks, outdoor clothes and sitting blanket that you may wish to use.

** (Kitchen not available this day) **

For more information: call Cheryl @ (867) 667-6951

Prayer Flags on Montana Mountain

Mon, August 20
10am – 4pm
Carcross Cutoff
(Map Location
of Carcross Cutoff)

Vehicles meet for carpooling at the Carcross Cutoff at 10 am. Cheryl will bring a truck. Anyone else?

Bring: sturdy shoes, hiking poles, hats and jackets, mat to sit on, water bottle, bag lunch

For more information and to let me know if you have a truck, contact: Cheryl @ (867) 667-6951

The Place of Liberating Awareness and Great Bliss
(Rigdrol Dechen Ling)

The view of unwavering, self-arising awareness is the foundation.
Meditating by letting the mind rest in its true nature, uncontrived and self-liberated, is the path.
Effortlessly expressing one's true nature is the blissful fruit.
May this precious place of happiness and benefit to self and others expand and increase.

(Written by Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche for his students in Whitehorse, Yukon, September 1984.)